Inka – Good in its nature

Inka is a brand with a long tradition in Poland. It is so good in its essence that Poles have invariably appreciated it for almost half a century. Associated with nature and health, it is a synonym for its category, and has always been a leader on the Polish market.

Its leading position and the high brand awareness can be attributed to the gradual expansion of its products and sales networks. Inka also plays the role of an innovative industry leader. New, innovative products made in response to current market trends and consumer needs are based on its tested recipe.

Distributors of Inka in Europe

Inka gluten-free

Inka Gluten-free | jar 100 g

Inka Gluten-Free is an innovative and unique cereal drink on the market. In its production process, gluten as the water-insoluble part of the grain is removed from the product. Each production is individually verified and the product has been certified by the Polish Association of People with Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet.

Inka enriched

Inka with Fibre | jar 100 g

Inka with Fibre combines business with pleasure – an aromatic coffee substitute containing the power of inulin – a soluble fibre derived from chicory.

Inka with Magnesium | jar 100 g

Inka with Magnesium combines is an aromatic coffee substitute with the power of magnesium to help reduce fatigue and weariness.

Inka with Calcium and Vitamins | jar 100 g

Inka combines calcium and vitamins in a delicious drink that provides your body with the calcium it needs for healthy bones, and vitamins A, C and D to aid its absorption.

Inka flavoured

Inka with Chocolate Flavour | doypack 200 g

Every cup of chocolate flavoured Inka is naturally delicious! Inka uses Polish cereals, sugar beet and chicory, spiced with a hint of chocolate to tempt you with its captivating taste and aroma. It makes that perfect moment of real pleasure for you and your family.

Inka with Caramel Flavour | doypack 200 g

Every cup of caramel-flavoured Inka is naturally delicious! This original recipe is based on a perfect combination of Polish grains and aromatic caramel. Be tempted by the captivating taste and aroma that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Inka with Milk | doypack 200 g

Every cup of Inka with Milk is naturally delicious! Inka is equally good in its nature, with its harmonious composition of cereals, sugar beet and chicory. The tempting combination with milk and a hint of sweetness gives a captivating taste and fluffy foam for any time of the day or night.

Inka with Spelt

Inka with Spelt | paper box 80 g, 144 g

Inka with spelt is available in the form of sachets for brewing. It contains spelt, a super cereal known as the cereal of hope. This cereal was known in ancient times and has recently been rediscovered by fans of healthy food. Now it is considered a superfood. Spelt has been appreciated by many people throughout history, including St. Hildegard, a proponent of treating ailments with diet.

Inka Bio

Classic Bio Inka | jar 100 g

Instant cereal coffee is an ideally harmonious composition of barley, rye, and chicory. It is made with certified organic ingredients.

Bio Inka with Spelt | jar 100 g

Instant spelt coffee with chicory is made with certified organic ingredients. Spelt is one of the oldest cereals we know, and is considered to be the healthiest and most natural cereal. It is a kind of diploid wheat which does not need to be modified for consumption Saint Hildegard prescribed diets based on spelt.

Bio Inka with Figs | jar 100 g

Instant cereal coffee with figs is an original composition made entirely with certified organic ingredients. Figs are nutritious and add a unique, sweet flavour.
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