Barleycup is a tasty cereal and chicory beverage (coffee substitute) which is easy to prepare, as it comes in soluble form. It is a perfect alternative to other hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Apart from its taste, Barleycup has other advantages: it is mild, caffeine-free, and can be drunk at any time of day by the whole family.

Barleycup powder | 100 g, 200 g

Barleycup drinks are a natural choice for those who like tea and coffee, but who are trying to cut down on the amount of caffeine in their diet. Barleycup is most frequently chosen by consumers in the form of an instant powder, and comes in two package versions: 100 g and 200 g jars.

Barleycup granules | 200 g

This product has the same composition and properties as its powder counterpart. Some consumers, however, prefer instant drinks in the form of granules. For them, Barleycup granules is an ideal proposal. All you need to do to get a nutritious and natural beverage with characteristic foam, a pleasant coffee aroma, and a delicious flavour is just add hot water to a few spoonfuls of Barleycup.

Barleycup Organic | jar 100 g

A version of Barleycup based only on organic roasted cereals and chicory.

Barleycup with Dandelion | jar 100 g

The latest addition to the Barleycup family: a beverage with roasted dandelion root. Dandelion is a plant which has been appreciated for its health benefits for generations. The simple, optimised recipe of the beverage is supplemented by the addition of sugar beet. As with all other Barleycup variants, we do not add any sugar or artificial ingredients.