Customers who want to enjoy our tried-and-true products may choose from among those which have been successfully sold for years under their respective brand names in many countries. We also offer brands which can be modified according to the current needs of local markets, i.e. with specific ingredients, packaging, and graphic design.


Inka - Good in its nature

Inka is a brand with a long tradition in Poland. It is so good in its essence that Poles have invariably appreciated it for almost half a century. Associated with nature and health, it is a synonym for its category, and has always been a leader on the Polish market.



Barleycup is a tasty cereal and chicory beverage which is easy to prepare, as it comes in soluble form. It is a perfect alternative to other hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Apart from its taste, Barleycup has other advantages: it is mild, caffeine-free, and can be drunk at any time of day by the whole family.



The most important component of Chicorycup products is chicory, which in many countries is a popular and natural coffee substitute. Our chicory, harvested in Europe, guarantees the delicious flavour and aroma of each Chicorycup.



A very delicate composition of soluble coffee and chicory, Cafea is high in fibre, and has also been enriched with magnesium, which helps reduce fatigue. Owing to its understated blend, its taste can accompany you throughout the day. Thanks to its light blend, it can be enjoyed at any time of day, all day long. Its biggest sales market is Poland.


Inkafe is a very soft blend of coffee and cereals, and was created for those who do not want to give up the taste and aroma of coffee, but want to avoid excessive caffeine consumption in their diet. Its main markets are Macedonia and Serbia.

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Wild Rose

Wild Rose is is the first product from an entirely new category of our portfolio, and its amazing taste is perfect for a pleasant break on a busy day. What is more, every sip of Wild Rose contains vitamin C and antioxidants (i.e. substances which neutralise free radicals in our bodies).

We employ a new method for the production of this particular product, which yields a natural taste and refreshing aroma. This product is also free of colouring agents and preservatives.