Cultivation of coffee began more than 1000 years ago in the areas of today’s Ethiopia. In natural conditions, coffee trees may reach a height of even more than a dozen metres, but in plantations they are cut to approx. 2 metres. Coffee trees bear fruit, which are inedible and have sour pulp. Coffee is produced from seeds, popularly known as coffee beans.

The family of coffee trees comprises more than 100 species of tropical plants but actually mostly two of them, Arabica and Robusta, are used in coffee production.

The two species differ not only by their origin but also, and more importantly, by their aromas and flavour bouquets.


The oldest and most popular kind of coffee. It is cultivated in Africa, Asia and America in different varieties, mainly in the uplands of Brazil and Colombia, but also in India, Africa, Java and the Caribbean, at a height from 900 to 2000 m above sea level.

Arabica is milder and more delicate than Robusta. It has a stronger aroma; and chocolate and spicy notes in aftertaste. Arabica coffees also have a lower content of caffeine (approx. 1%-1.5%).


Robusta was discovered as late as the 19th century. Its cultivation is much easier than in case of Arabica due to the resistance to diseases and temperature fluctuations. It is also more productive. Ideally, Robusta coffee trees are planted at a height of 0-700 m above sea level. The largest Robusta plantations can be found in West Africa, India, Vietnam and Brazil. The best varieties are grown in Uganda and Zaire.

This kind of coffee has a strong, distinct aroma and flavour, usually said to be bitterish and sourish. Robusta beans contain more caffeine (approx. 2%-4.5%).

CAFEA Group offers the following coffee products:

Soluble Coffee

There are many types of soluble coffee, of varying grades of quality. CAFEA Group as the coffee expert, has got the whole range covered: we can supply spray-dried, granulated (agglomerated) and freeze-dried coffee products made to any required recipe and blend (also decaffeinated) and all with an unwavering quality.

Instant Coffee Specialities

Instant coffee specialities have gained a significant share of the market in a relatively short space of time. In order to take advantage of this trend towards convenience, the CAFEA Group is pleased to offer various instant hot chocoloate and capuccino varieties in addition to the regular range of soluble coffee drinks

Liquid Coffee

Liquid coffee is a specific ingredient for use in food processing to impart food products with the flavour and/or colour of coffee. It is essential to use a high-grade ingredient for this since it has a direct impact on the characteristics and quality of the end product. Our liquid coffee extract is made only from freshly-ground roasted coffee beans and hence contains no additives or preservatives.

Coffee and cereal beverages mixes

GRANA specializes in production of cereal beverages and coffee mixes. The most popular recipes are those with coffee and chicory or coffee with cereal blends. Such mixes are delicate in taste and aroma and contains less caffeine than traditional coffee.

We offer the following brands under this category: Inkafe, Chicorycup with Coffee.