Offered mixes

The table below presents the blends we offer as ready, packaged products, and as half-products for further processing within the food industry.

We are open to suggestions and requirements received from our customers, and that is why, apart from standard blends, we also prepare individual solutions.

4 ingredients
barley, rye, chicory, sugar beet
barley, rye, chicory, malt
barley, rye, chicory, coffee
3 ingredients
barley + rye + chicory
barley + malt + chicory
2 ingredients
barley + rye
chicory + coffee
spelt + chicory
1 ingredient
barley malt
rose hip
In order to enrich flavours or enhance functionality, we can add the following to our mixtures:
cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom
other ingredients
honey, inulin, vitamins and minerals, cocoa, molasses, milk, sugar
caramel, vanilla, orange, coffee, cereal, amaretto, banana, cherry, chili, chocolate, grapefruit, coconut, marzipan, almond, honey, plum, strawberry, hazelnut
Many of the ingredients listed are offered by our company in compliance with the certificates we have been granted (Bio, Halal, and Kosher).