Grana minimises the potential hazards to the natural environment at every stage of the production process. We prevent contamination and reduce the unfavourable impact of our activity on the environment. The Grana environmental protection policy complies with the provisions of law and the company’s quality policy, the objectives of which include improvement of production processes and technologies. Our beverages are made exclusively with plant-based ingredients – cereals and chicory. These ingredients are roasted to produce cereal beverages powder and the characteristic flavours known as volatile organic compounds (VOC). Before they are released into the atmosphere, the cereal and chicory powders and flavours are filtered by the cleaning devices installed on all powder and gas emitters.

Newest investments

We have already installed innovative and effective devices eliminating odours (so-called exhaust converters) in all three roasters. Our recent investments include the following:
  • 2017 – installation of a new exhaust converter in a cereal roaster
  • 2019 – regeneration of the catalytic exhaust converter in the chicory roaster
  • October of 2019 – installation of a new exhaust converter in the second cereal roaster
The devices installed in the cereal roasters reduce VOC emissions by 97% (source: research conducted by an accredited laboratory)

Planned investments

Two of the active spray dryers and two sinter plants are equipped with devices which effectively eliminate dust. Grana operates in compliance with legal standards. The volume of dust and gas emitted into the atmosphere is regulated by an administrative decision – the permit for the emission of gas and dust into the air from the installations located within the premises of the plant issued by the Staroste of Kraków on the date of 10.10.2016, file no. OS.I.6224.5.2016.JT. The Company regularly applies for reduction of limits of the gas and dust emitted into the environment.

Other environmental protection activities

Besides reducing the emitted gas and dust, the Company is actively reducing consumption of water and electrical energy as well as the volume of waste and sewage. Packaging is recycled. Some of the waste created during the production process is used as a source of renewable energy. Grana keeps its machinery and equipment in operating order, makes investments, and enforces an optimal production capacity policy.  


Orphanages in Nieskurzów Nowy and Opatów

The employees of Grana have been supporting the the orphanage in Nieskurzów Nowy since 2011. In 2016, Grana also took a similar facility in Opatów under its wings. During this time, we were able to paint the fence, plant several trees in the garden, build a volleyball court, buy a trampoline and a ping pong table, and furnish the kitchen. We provide products and offer support in the form of clothing and footwear. We help organise vacations and field trips in the summer. We also grant children’s wishes every Christmas with presents.

The Cool Guy Campaign

This is an educational initiative conducted in cooperation with the teachers and students of Elementary School No. 1 in Skawina. Grana finances extracurricular remedial and developmental activities for children and youth. The campaign includes robotics and English classes. The extracurricular classes are very popular among students who want to review and revise the material and those with exceptional accomplishments who want to expand their interests.

INKA School League

In cooperation with the Sports and Cultural Centre in Skawina, Grana actively promotes physical activity in schoolchildren by supporting numerous sports – arena football, basketball, mini-basketball, volleyball and table tennis. The School League initiative is a part of the School Games and the High School Sports Olympics. The season in Skawina starts in September and continues through June. Thanks to the sponsorship, the league games have taken on a new meaning. The teachers and students are additionally motivated by the available prizes.