The history of our company began when Heinrich Franck, an Austrian, opened the ”Heinrich Franck & Sons” Coffee Surrogate Factory in Skawina. The production of roasted and ground chicory started in 1911, in the very same place where the company headquarters are located today. This was the beginning of cereal coffee. The company established by Franck later grew to huge success, as evidenced by employment figures. For example, in 1939, it had 658 employees and an annual production of coffee and chicory of approximately 7,500 tons. Since its inception, the company has undergone numerous transformations, and in 1999 finally became part of the German Cafea Group.

The Cafea Group is one of the world’s largest companies specialising in the production of instant coffee for its own private label products. Cafea’s range of products includes coffee beans, decaffeinated coffee, cappuccinos, 3-in-1 products, and beverages for children. Cafea also offers coffee capsules and liquid extracts. For more information, please go to: www.cafea.com