We offer instant beverages based on the following ingredients:

Examples of available beverage mixes based on the above ingredients are presented in the “Offered mixes” section

Offered mixes

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Product profiles

Although they do not contain caffeine, beverages based on cereals and chicory are considered alternatives to coffee, since roasting and other production processes give them a similar taste and aroma. Our products are free from colouring agents and preservatives.

Our products are:

caffeine-free alternatives to coffee – coffee substitutes
an economical substitute for natural coffee in the food industry



form the basis of a healthy diet, as they contain fibre, vegetable protein, and carbohydrates. The ingredients we use for our beverages are roasted, which brings out their coffee-like taste and aroma.


not only have a characteristic, coffee-like flavour, which is released when they are roasted, but they are also a rich source of many additional substances. For example, chicory and dandelion are sources of inulin, a prebiotic that has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on the digestive system.


We strive to preserve the flavours and natural qualities of fruits and flowers, while making them easy to prepare in the form of soluble powder.


We most often combine coffee with chicory or cereal blends to produce beverages with a softer flavour, aroma, and lower caffeine content.